Styrkurian SSRball was the part of SovScan-icon Soviet Scandinaviaball, since he invaded Styrkuria-icon her previous form in 1926. and wished she could into independence. In 1987, She sang her way to freedom, Forcing SovScan-icon SovScanball to recognize her as Styrkuria-icon Styrkuriaball.

History Edit

Styrkurian SSRball was originally the Styrkuria-icon independent republic until she was occupied and annexed by SovScan-icon Soviet Scandinaviaball in 1926 along with Finnish Empire-icon Finnish Empireball and TSE-icon TSEball were that same year due to SovScanball overthrowing the Swelandian King and Became Styrkurian SSR. From June 14, 1932 to July 15th, 1994, she suffered Starvation and SovScanball refused to feed her, During the Cold War, Styrkurian SSRball was part of SovScanball's clay and was supportive of Communism and was friends with Moscow Pactball. From the end of World War II until 1987, Styrkurian SSRball was part of SovScanball's clay until he dissolved in 1987 and broke apart into 11 independent states with Styrkuria-icon Styrkuriaball being restored.

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