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the People's Republic of Colombiaballor Colombiaballoon,  is a sovereign state and federal republic in South America. Its neighbors are Brazilian Statesball, Peruvian Republicball, Guyanan Federationball.

Due to his recent changes, Colombia has begun the process of leaving USAFball. Though still remaining membership in WAball.

Colombia was once the richest country in Latin America. He has the largest amount of oil reserves in the world, and his democratic government was once praised worldwide. But today, both of them are in shambles. He now has the highest inflation rate in the world, making products like food and medicine inaccessible, as well as higher crime rates and unemployment. These conditions have sparked months of protests against his president José Carlos Bolaños, who has been rapidly reforming him into a dictatorship. American Republicball recognized opposition leader Ginés Bautista as the true president of Colombiaball, and the country is in a state of chaos.

His national day is July 5th.