Nordic Republic of Swedenball is a sovereign state on the Scandinavian peninsula. His clay is composed of 3 subdivisions known as Regions, including his capital Stockholmball, giving him a total area of 450,295 square kilometers (173,860 square miles), making him the 55th largest country in the world, and 16th in Europe. He is the 89th most populous country in the world and the 33rd most popular human migration destination in the world.

Being a Norse or Nordic country, as well as being in Northernmost Europe, Sweden has membership in both the Nordic Council, Eurasian Union, and the World Assembly. However, despite the invitations, Sweden has refused to accept membership in AEATO and has remained neutral since 1997.

Sweden's relationships are rough with his brother Denmarkball and his friends Norwayball, Icelandball, Faroeball, Greenlandball and Russiaball for a long time (SINCE THE VIKING ERA!). These days they get along well enough, but may still get into fights.

Do not let his neutrality fool you, even though it is a country that does not fight in wars for 200 years, Swedenball has one of the most advanced military industries in the world. Swedenball is the third-largest exporter of war material in the world, behind only Israelcube and Russiaball. But despite the advanced and comprehensive war industry, Swedenball is an extremely peaceful country in terms of international conflicts. In fact, the last war Sweden involved was in 1993 during an Insurgency in Northern Sweden, which ended in 1997.

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