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Styrkuriaball, officially the Nordic Republic of Styrkuriaball is a Countryball in Northern Europe, located in the northern part of the Icelandic Island, bordering with the Nordic Republic of Icelandball at the south. It existed from August 6, 1830, up until October 12, 1926, and regained independence on February 8, 1987. Styrkuriaball was originally founded as a Division State by the Swedish Empireball after conquering the northern part of Icelandball. It remained unrecognized until it became independent from the Soviet Unionball in 1987.



Germania-icon.png Germaniaball - Grandfather

Celticball - Grandmother

Scandinavia-icon.png Scandinaviaball - Father

USSR-icon.png Soviet Unionball - Adopted Father

Socialist Federation of Yugoslaviaball - Adopted Uncle


Nordic Republic of Sweden-icon.png Nordic Republic of Swedenball - Brother

Nordic Republic of Norway-icon.png Nordic Republic of Norwayball - Brother

Nordic Republic of Finland-icon.png Nordic Republic of Finlandball - Adopted Brother

Nordic Republic of Denmark-icon.png Nordic Republic of Denmarkball - Brother

Nordic Republic of Iceland-icon.png Nordic Republic of Icelandball - Brother

Nordic Republic of Faroe-icon.png Nordic Republic of Faroeball - Brother

Estonian Republic-icon.png Estonian Republicball - Adopted Sister

Latvian Republic-icon.png Latvian Republicball - Adopted Brother

Lithuanian Republic-icon.png Lithuanian Republicball - Adopted Brother

DR Ukraine-icon.png Democratic Republic of Ukraineball - Adopted Sister

Belarusian Republic-icon.png Belarusian Republicball - Adopted Sister

Russian Confederation-icon.png Russian Confederationball - Adopted Brother

Polish Republic-icon.png Polish Republicball - Adopted Brother

Republic of Czechiaball - Adopted Brother

Republic of Slovakiaball - Adopted Brother

NHR-icon.png National Hungarian Republicball - Adopted Brother

Zviadist Republic of Georgia-icon.png Zviadist Republic of Georgiaball - Adopted Brother

Armenian Republicball - Adopted Brother


German Republicball - Cousin

NFR-icon.png National French Republicball - Cousin in-law

Dutch Republic-icon.png Dutch Republicball - Cousin

Swiss Federationball - Cousin

Kingdom of Englandball - Cousin

Republic of Luxembourgball - Cousin's Son

Irish Republic-icon.png Irish Republicball - Distant Cousin

Scottish Republic-icon.png Scottish Republicball - Distant Cousin

Welsh Republicball - Distant Cousin

Breton Republicball - Distant Cousin