Nordic Republic of Icelandball is a Nordic countryball located in the Atlantic ocean. Bordering Styrkuria to the North, and relatively close to Greenlandball. The country is divided into 6 regions, including his capital Reykjavíkball located in the Southwest, giving him a total area of 39,682 square miles, making him the 106th largest country in the world. As of 2018, he maintains a population of about 353,070 inhabitants. No, he is not a land of ice. He is a land of geysers.

Due to being a highly Westernized and developed country located in Northwest Europe, Iceland has been able to gain membership in AEATOball, Afro-Eurasian Unionball, and the Nordic Councilball, as well as the World Assembly like almost every other country in the world.

Icelandball is often seen as a generally friendly country and does not have many enemies (or friends outside Scandinavia for that matter). But Icelandball has a tendency to spew (or in some cases fart) ash all over Europe, much to other countryballs' annoyance. Icelandball also enjoys its small island nation status. Sometimes it watches Europe's problems from afar, usually with popcorn in hand. It likes to stay alone and has one of the smallest populations in the world.

His national day is June 17th, and his astrological sign is Gemini. Despite not having a huge population, he manages to dub movies from Disney, Warner Bros, Universal and Paramount into the Icelandic language.

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