the Nordic Republic of Finlandball is a sovereign state and Nordic countryball located in Northern Europe. To the west he borders Nordic Republic of Swedenball, as well as Russian Confederationball to the east and Nordic Republic of Norwayball to the North. The country is divided into 19 regions with an Autonomous Region, as well as his capital Helsinkiball. With a total area of 130,666 square miles, Finland ranks 65 in the largest countries in the world by area, as well as number 8 in Europe. As of 2019, it has a population of 5.521 million inhabitants. There are around 443,000 immigrants, most coming from Russiaball, Estoniaball, Iraqball, Swedenball, Somaliaball and Yugoslaviaball.

He maintains membership in Eurasian Unionball, as well as the Nordic Councilball. However, he has rejected any membership offers from AEATOball and has decided to remain neutral.

As the most drunk Countryball in Europe, Finland does not have many friends. His adoptive brother is Sweden, but he is of family. However, some consider his sister/wife  Estoniaball as his best friend, since she sells him cheap alcohol. Another reason nobody likes Finland is because he never talks, preferring small talk and he seems unapproachable. 

His national day is December 6th.

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