The Italian Militarist Dictatorship State of Formosaball also known as Italian Formosaball is a Former Empire. He is also the Cause of The Stockholm Blood Bath War in 1854 after trying to invade Styrkuriaball, he later lost to Swelandian Empireball. He then died of a Stroke in 1889. He was unsuccessfully revived in 1918 as Fascist Italyball but died again in 1945.

Amici (Friends) Edit

Russian Empireball - My only friend, helped me colonize Asia, but then he saw me weak in 1866. And i lost 25% of my colonies.

Chinese Empireball - Another great ally who helped me.

Croatian Republicball - Helped me try to invade Switzerland, and that didn't go so well.

Bulgarian Empireball - Same reason with Croatian Republicball.

Nemici (Enemies) Edit

American Republicball - Are you kidding me! You helped that Freak in The Stockholm Blood Bath War? Oh no no! You filthy barbarian!

Polish-Hungarian Unionball - An ally of Swelandian Empireball and The German Empireball.


Swelandian Empireball - This little bastard defeated me in The Stockholm Blood Bath War! You made me look weak in front of everyone! You ruined The Second Roman Empire! Remove King Robert I!

First German Empireball - Angola will never be german clay, 1839 best year of my life! Ancestors of filthy germanian barbarians that killed my grandfather! Ha ha! You weak peasant.

Styrkuriaball - You're Mine!

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