Islamic Empireball was born in 1691 and before 1923 it had lots of clay in Arabia, North Africa, Balkans, Anatolia, The Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia and everything around the Black Sea. He is known for conquering Bosniaball, Albaniaball, Persiaball, Arab Kingdomball, The Levantball, and much more. He died in 1923 and created The Sultanate of Turkeyball.

Friends Edit

First German Empireball - Best Friends until the end of WW1

Polish-Hungarian Unionball - Complicated friendship, since he is Christian, but they got well in WW1.

Soviet Unionball - Thank yuo for killing Russian Empireball, if i lived in the cold war, i would join Moscow Pact.

Bangsamoroball - My proud son who misses me, i will return for hahahahaha.

Enemies Edit

Italian Formosaball - Albania is mine, Yuo is also of Christian, i took all your land after your death in 1889 hahahahaha.

Russian Empireball - Italian Ally, Chechnya is mine!

British Empireball - Get away from me European Scum!

Swelandian Empireball - Protestant scum, but we both hate Italian Formosaball and fought on the same side in WW1, so we're fine.

Styrkuriaball - She's an Christian piece of S**t, A S**T!!

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