The Finnish Empireball is a Kingdom that lasted from 1754 until he was annexed in 1926, his last King died in 1931 while in exile in Turkey, he really hates Ozis Ginians, as he sees them as Puppets by Sweland. He currently wants to return from his grave thanks to Crown Prince Benjami II.

Family Edit

  • Finnish Republicball: Son
  • National Hungarian Republicball: Son
  • Szekelylandball: Grandson
  • Estonian Republicball: Daughter
  • Yugraball: Son
  • Former Soviet Republic of Kareliaball: Daughter
  • Komi Republicball: Son
  • Republic of Mari Elball: Daughter
  • Vepsball: Daughter
  • Mordvin Republicball: Son
  • Nenetsiaball: Son.
  • Samilandball: Son
  • Udmurt Republicball: Son
  • Livoniansball: Deceased Daughter
  • Ingrian Republicball: Russian Daughter
  • Votesball: Deceased Son
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