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Democratic Republic of Afghanistanball, also known as DR Afghanistanball is a Communist countryball that had close ties with SovScanball. He became pro-Soviet following a Marxist coup in 1978 overthrowing the Monarchy.


Until 650 AD, Afghanistanball's clay was occupied by 2ball. In VI century BC, Persiaball took him under his protection, followed by Macedonball (330 BC) and Caliphateballs (VII century).

The Caliphateballs expanded into Indiaball, but Mongol Empireball invaded his clay in 1219.

He was invaded by Islamic Empireball in 1704.

Afghanistanball become independent only in 1747, as Durrani Empireball, which was conquered by British Empireball in 1823. Afghanistanball though was never really a part of the UK, and become a kingdom since 1919 and become crazy nearly 1970s. He became a communist by USSRball.

Nowadays he is one of the last Communist Countries in the world.

Afghanistanball wanted to "modernize" in 1919, but was quickly put down a decade later in 1929.