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Broncaniaball, officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Broncaniaball (Broncan: Republikʌ Đemokɾaçikʌ Sosıalistʌ đo Bɾönkaniʌbołʌ) also known as DSRBball is a small countryball located in South-East Asia. He is known for banning Free-Internet and making State-Press Media, as well as randomly selecting parliamentarians. He likes to prohibit his people from doing almost everything except voting.


  • Bangsamoroball (Terrorist Brother)
  • North Rizaliaball (Brother)
  • Central Rizaliaball (Brother)
  • South Rizaliaball (Brother)
  • American Republicball (Adopted Father/Brother)
  • Italian Formosaball (Adopted Father/Grandfather)
  • British Empireball (Father)
  • National Spanish Republicball (Mother)
  • Free Republic of Italyball (Uncle)
  • National French Republicball (Aunt)
  • United Kingdom of Portugalball (Uncle)
  • Kingdom of Romaniaball (Uncle)
  • Irish Republicball (Uncle)
  • Kingdom of Canadaball (Brother)
  • German Republicball (Uncle)
  • Kingdom of Netherlandsball (Uncle)
  • Catalan Republicball (Brother)
  • People's Republic of Galiciaball (Sister)
  • Basque Republicball (Adopted Brother)