Brazilian Statesball, officially the Federal Republican States of Brazilball, is a sovereign state and federal republic in South America. He is the 8th economy of the world, the richest of Latin America and the second in The Americas. He is the most populous country in Latin America, and the second most populous country in The Americas, and is the fifth most populous country in the world with 208.000.000 people, has the 14th strongest armed forces, and stand is the thirty-second most popular human migration destination. He is a very multicultural and multiethnic, all resulting of the syncretism and mix of different people.

He is a member of the USAF, and the World Assembly. Brazil is also a major non-AEATO ally in South America along with Argentinaball. With his growing economy, he has been able to join the G20 (or Group of Twenty), a club made up of only the 19th largest economies in the world and the IWU. He is practically the most powerful country in Americas after American Republicball, alongside with Kingdom of Canada.

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